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Over the years, kitchens have been modified with a variety of design elements for each part of the kitchen, and are equipped with state of the art technology that make a mother’s job a piece of cake. Kitchen is the sole part of the house where women spend their maximum time. It’s important that the necessary utilities are placed well and the design of the kitchen is such that can be cleaned easily. Another important aspect to keep in mind while designing the kitchen is the placement of lights. It not only plays a vital role when it comes to the look of the kitchen but also with the feasibility of using the kitchen during evenings.

Today, the kitchen colour palette holds plenty of versatility. With trendy colours including pastel pink, metallic grey, orange, yellows and of natural stone colours, you can now turn your kitchen into a spellbinding sight.

1. 21st Century Kitchen

This would be the perfect example to a classic modern kitchen. A combination of gorgeous dark brown wooden floor tiles matched with brown grenade tiles along with simple off-white plasters work as a charm to bring out an elegant and alluring kitchen set-up.  

2. Let Lighting Work It’s Charm

Sometimes, besides having a complimenting colour palette, it’s very important to create a design using natural light to bring out the depth and inner beauty of a space. Using subtle shades of off-white and light grey in harmony and allowing room for some natural light truly amplifies the beauty of a space.

3. Bringing Back The Old World Charm

Here’s a marvelous example of the old school kitchen from 1980s. The rustic brick walls, the wooden pale flooring, the wooden furniture and light colored utilities go together like a house of fire.


Here’s Oasis Tiles – India doing its best to make your space a masterpiece!

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#WhatsWrongWomen : A campaign by Oasis Tiles – India


Women!! What do you think of when you hear the word? A Mother? A Sister? A Wife?

Is that all?  How about the frontrunners of the modern times or yesteryears, like Mother Teresa, Lata Mangeshkar, Kalpana Chawla!! Did not think of them right away, did you?

If a woman can be more than mother, sister or a wife why is that we don’t think about women in that reference right away? We are not saying that it’s not right to think of them as wife mother or a sister after all that’s what completes our world, but if we don’t then why don’t we!

Our society that revere women as goddesses have somehow not yet given the breathing, living women the respect and virtue they deserve. Instead, they are generalized and expected to lead her life a certain way like the generation before. A five-year-old girl is only asked to play only with ‘dolls’ because that’s what ‘girls’ do. As she turns ten, people assume that her favorite color is ‘pink’. Entering teenage, she is not allowed to play with boys, she is asked to ignore the onlookers, ogling at her.

All these problems and suppression are expected to be naturalized on a grand day just for them, called the women’s day. Some celebrate it without knowing what it stands for, today, search engines will see a sudden increase in “why do we celebrate women’s day”,  

Answer: “International Women’s Day is a worldwide event that celebrates women’s achievements – from the political to the social – while calling for gender equality. It has been observed since the early 1900s and is now recognized each year on March 8.”

What is wrong with women and why do we need a day, that’s been around only since the 1900s when atrocities on them have been around since the existence of civilization? And who is to be held accountable?

Yes, we do! We need this day, although we don’t deserve it. At least one day to make it right, to tell them they are extraordinary, let them feel what they should have felt throughout the year. Or a day where they can say what they wanted to throughout the year.

This Women’s Day Oasis Tiles undertook a campaign called #WhatsWrongWomen that let them say what they really want to, to tell us what is wrong with women? And why do we have to train them to be strong? Rather than assuring them of the fact that they are free!

Well, we do have the answer and we hope that you have the heart to listen and have something to think about.

So watch Nidhi Singh, voicing out a hidden but too prominent an answer which you must hear: Click on the image below to watch the full video. 

This Women’s Day, understand the problem of women and be their strength and not the reason that they ‘compromise’.

Hues of Tiles – Holi Edition

It’s really tough to choose the right tile for any space. Most often, we tend to choose the most basic or commonly used options to be on the safe side. Sometimes, the series of options available just get too overwhelming to choose from. These are cases we go through every time we have to take a decision on which tile to choose for our home or office spaces.

Not to worry! Behold our holi edition, showcasing a series of spectacular multi-colour tiles that’ll woo you away.

1. Rustic Brick Tiles

These tiles are one the most trendiest tiles this 2018. The beauty of these tiles is it’s eccentric appeal and unique style, that always succeeds to adapt to a space, making it look elegant beyond compare. Another advantage with such brick tiles is that, it’s exterior polish makes it convenient to walk, avoiding any slips.

2. Geometric Tiles

Geometric Tiles

Another alluring and extravagant tile design that has been adopted by several places now is geometric tiles. Innovation has led to finding new ways to enliven modern interiors that has seen a resurgence in the use of gorgeous geometric tiles. Geometric tiles over the years, have moved beyond just bathrooms and kitchens and are now used in various homes and commercial spaces.

3. Multi-colour wooden tiles

Multi-Colour Wooden TIles

These tiles are one of the most unique designs of 2018. People most often choose wooden tiles to make a space look subtle and neat but these tiles simply give the space a vivacious, captivating look. The rustic colour splash and wooden effect just gives it a enticing vintage feel. These tiles add character to a space making it look distinctively appealing.


So, don’t think twice! The finest and the most trendiest vitrified tiles are listed down for you to choose from.  


Oasis tiles wishes you and your family a very happy and prosperous Holi!

May this bring you all the happiness and good fortune.