Aspero – Elegance Unchained

When it comes to choosing tiles for our homes, malls, buildings or office spaces, we always tend to get ourselves into a fix over choosing the most captivating design from the unending list of options available.

Full Body Vitrified Tiles or Glazed Tiles are one of the ideal options for floor or wall tiles for commercial spaces such as galleries, offices, malls, etc. They offer several advantages over un-glazed and ceramic or marble tiles due to their greater durability and cost-effectiveness. Among their most distinctive features is the glass coating on the tile surface which makes them non-porous and hence resistant to stains and liquid absorption. This makes them very easy to clean and maintain with much less effort, a definite plus for any large home or commercial space. Another alluring feature is that they offer a vast selection of colours, finishes, textures, and styles. Moreover, such variety can be produced with greater levels of consistency. The superior durability of these tiles gives them exceptional resistance to heavy footfall and anti-slip variants even offer a high-grip walking surface.

A tile’s beauty is always measured by its depth and aesthetic feel. It plays a significant role in translating transforming a space into a spellbinding masterpiece. Hence, Oasis Tiles is pleased to introduce our its latest collection – Aspero. Aspero is a full body vitrified tile series with a whole range of enthralling designs that stimulate a space with it’s creativity transforming it into a soulful sight.

  Blackwood collection

 Whitewood Collection

The Aspero tile collection spreads into a wide range of tiles, extending to glossy, wood and Estel series that speak for the hues of life and makes your space a sight to behold. The most vital benefit of Aspero is it’s core strength, it’s deep texture and long-lasting odour.

Estel Choco

Milky Sathvario

Aspero Tiles are available in the sizes 600×600 mm and 600×1200 mm. The laying procedure for these tiles is comparatively easier with no setting time required nor polishing procedure thereafter. Hence, they can be used within 24 hours of laying. The laying instructions for the tiles are the standard procedure.

The Aspero collection is exclusively available only at Oasis Tiles. These ready-to-fit, pre-mirror polished, and corrugated box-packed assortment of tiles provide the perfect flooring solution for commercial spaces such as galleries, office spaces, malls and high-end homes.

Here’s Oasis Tiles – India doing its best to make your office a masterpiece.

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