4 Wall Tiles that’ll make you want to revamp your house

Wall tiles came into the limelight only in the early 1900s. Earlier, people always lived under the misconception of limiting it to kitchens and bathrooms. It was only in the recent times that, wall tiles have truly been adopted as a trend for living rooms and corporate spaces as well.

When it comes to wall tiles, there’s a whole variety of styles that can be executed. The visual appeal, texture, shine and finish is what enhances the beauty of any space.

Here are 4 of the trendiest wall designs that will certainly make you rethink your interiors:

Classic Brick Tiles

Modern, minimalistic and neat, the classic white brick tiles have become one of the trendiest wall tiles today. Its texture and beauty will just uplift the overall look of your room, Moreover, they tend to sync in with the interiors of your space.

Distressed Natural stone tiles

This particular wall tile will captivate your space turning it into an extravagant masterpiece. The imperfections of the distressed natural stone tiles are what makes it look so perfect. Its depth, detailing and flair is something that never fails to strike the eye. With distressed natural tiles, the most ideal set up to have is in a wooden, white or black palette.

Glossy Wall Tiles

Another set of tile that’s moved up the ladder in the wall tiles is the Glossy Wall Tiles. Mostly used for corporate and hospitality spaces, this tile never fails to look elegant. The neat finish, the glossy sheen, along with the mirror effect, all fits perfectly, making this a stunning piece of art. If you’re looking to make a statement or fancy a classy appeal, a glossy wall tile would certainly be your best bet.

Textured Glossy Tiles

One of the most distinctive and unique tiles found around, textured glossy wall tile are the ones that not only have a detailed design and glossy effect but also a texture that elevates the appeal of the space. Textured Glossy Tiles are currently trending and are highly recommended by designers and architects in creating splendid designs.


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Tiles of Style


We very often tend to mix the word ‘contemporary’ with modern, iconic and vintage as though they are interchangeable. A contemporary design can be a modern design but the meaning of those words are certainly different.

Modern Designs are designs drawn from the early 1900s and 1800s and adapted into a design with natural element, splash of textured or bright colors along with neat low lines. They are all traits of modern designs. On the other hand, contemporary styles are designs that are much more current. They inherit traits of masculine, sleek and light elements. To break another stereotype, contemporary designs aren’t necessarily minimalistic. They may have clean and low lines but they can be adapted by creating a harmony of shades and lines.

Check out these 4 incredible contemporary style tile designs that’ll woo you away!

Modern Contemporary

The ravishing off-grey design is an ideal example to a modern contemporary design. The tiles are created with light elements of white and grey, yet making it look masculine and clean. Modern contemporary has also become one of the most trendiest styles of 2017 & 2018.

Natural & Contemporary

Sharp lines and low light elements always match to make up an elegant and subtle contemporary design. The wooden texture and light tone just syncs into the space making it look enchanting.

Bold & Minimal

Contemporary designs have a tendency to stand out in any kind of set-up, and this one simply takes the cake. The minimalistic design with sharp lines just boldly marks the space into looking extravagant. And, it certainly fits the masculine aspect of a contemporary design.

TownHouse Contemporary

Designs created using natural element and light pops of colours matched into creating a distinctive design to go with a minimal and sharp wooden tile flooring just shouts out contemporary. The match, look and feel of this space certainly does justice to defining what we call a contemporary design.

House Full Of Tiles

Over the years, the use of tiles for all spaces of the house caught on quite the trend. Today, all modern homes are wrapped with unique and distinctive tiles, installed in harmony to enhance the beauty of the home.

Imagination and placement play a vital role in the design set-up of a home.

Now, let’s look at a few unique styles adapted to bring out spellbinding look for a homes.

The Classics

Minimalism is the holy grail when it comes to subtle elegance. Using large patterned tiles with subtle formats make a space look extravagant. The tile colors need to be chosen keeping in mind the furniture to ensure a harmony between them. Another classic example would be to use single patterned tiles for the walls and floors of your home.

Close to Nature

While modern tiles have advanced to 3d effects, visuals and stencil styles, authentic and natural looking wood tiles and brick tiles never fail to work it’s charm. The beauty of a wood and brick tiles are that they adapt themselves to any kind of set-up turning them an enticing space.


Distressed and Reclaimed

The latest trend has now procured it’s style from the old world charm of disrupted iconic look. The thought was to reclaim the style with modern design to give it a vintage and dusky look. The imperfection and distress is what makes it uniquely perfect.


A Bold Statement

Glossy tiles are the ones to match the boldness of turning the space into a bold statement. The versatility of effects, prints and materials tiling opens up a Pandora’s box for styles and colors upgrading the space into having a ‘bold statement.